INDIA: Drugs = Darkness, Destruction, and Devastation

ADRIAN NARAYAN WRITES– Leaning towards All India Radio, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stresses to India’s youth on the issue of drug use. PM Modi wants to start a movement that is intended for a #DrugFreeIndia through the means of social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even the national radio. This is a bold action coming from the Indian prime minister who seeks to change a portion of the youth culture that consumes drugs.

PM Modi hopes to bring about change in the youth culture through the means of decreasing the national average drug use. PM Modi takes a slightly different approach, believing that the youth aren’t at fault and puts the blame on the drugs. India’s mass news outlets have critically taken into account this innovative approach that the prime minister has implemented. He stated, “I’m a prime servant not only prime minister.”

PM Modi goes as far as stressing that parents should be cautious by observing any significant changes in their children. He believes that if there are any abnormal behavioral changes, the parents should help their children. PM Modi believes that for the millennial generation, taking part in the drug culture is a style statement. By encouraging the youth to see the downside of participating in this drug culture, he hopes to combat this issue. Thus, precisely why Modi threatens this cultural trend by referring to drugs as three D’s (darkness, destruction, and devastation).

Unlike other prime ministers in the past, shifting his political determination to social networks allows Modi to directly influence a trend in the way that the youth perceive the drug culture. By doing so, Modi is perpetuating a nation-wide awareness towards the use of drugs in a negative light.

It goes without saying that India’s social media outlets are being infiltrated with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political rhetoric directed towards the youth. PM Modi uses social media as a means of gaining youth attention and his use of Twitter and other platforms has become crucial in his political agenda. This goes to show when he tweeted that he will see India on the All for India news radio. Modi proudly tweets, “All set for #MannKiBaat! See you on air!”.

As Modi’s speeches and political agenda buzzes amongst India’s social media outlets, let’s hope that the prime minister’s attempts actually do make a significant difference. Modi’s bold move to direct his attention to social media outlets has potential to push his political agenda in the right direction.

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