K-POP KORNER: You’re Nothing Without Your Fans

KELCEY LORENZO WRITES – EXID, a girl group that debuted in 2012, won their first weekly music show award four months after releasing and promoting their song “Up&Down.”

Back in August 2014, EXID released their music video and single for “Up&Down.” The song failed to gain the attention of the general public and the girls ended their original round of promotions without any music show awards (which are usually awarded to the highest charted songs of the week).

Three months later, a fan taken video (fancam) of member Hani performing the song went viral. The fancam gathered a few million views and “Up&Down” shot up the digital charts, causing the girls to gain immense attention both domestically and internationally.

After rapidly climbing back up the charts, a few broadcasting stations were hesitant in allowing EXID to be eligible for #1 awards since they usually award artists who released new songs, not songs that were months old.  However, fan comments on the situation led to a change of heart.  “Whether they climbed back up or not, they should be able to win #1 if they got there,” and, “Isn’t the point of winning songs to be whatever’s the most popular at the time?” were only a few of the many positive reactions to EXID’s success.

On January 3, EXID started a second round of promotions for “Up&Down” and won their first number one on January 8. Since then, they have won a total of six #1 awards on music shows The Show, M!Countdown, Inkigayo, and Music Bank.  It just goes to show that fans can either make or break you.

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