ASIA MEDIA WRITES – From one of America’s most prestigious universities, from one of our most prestigious foreign-affairs schools – and at a time when the U.S. is trying to decide on its own next new leader – comes an issue of a major journal devoted entirely to the issues of leadership in Asia.

The messenger is the Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs (GJAA), and the message is that Asia’s contemporary architecture has been driven and crafted by transformative, even idiosyncratic leaders. The journal’s first article is titled ‘Lee Kuan Yew: The Restless Achiever” by Michael Barr.  Further down the list of special essays is “Leadership is Asia: Personal Impressions,” by Prof. Tom Plate, LMU’s Distinguished Scholar of Asian and Pacific Studies, and founder and editor-in-chief of Asia Media International.

Other essays illuminate the leadership traits of China’s Xi Jinping, India’s PM Modi, Indonesia’s Widodo, DPRK’s Kim Jung Un, Japan’s Abe Shinzo and others.  The impact of the entire issue is riveting and deeply illuminating. GJAA is a publication of Georgetown’s famed Walsh School of Foreign Service, and, like our very own Asia Media International, is student edited.  Its editor-in-chief is Alex Rued.


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