Prof Jennifer Ramos
Prof Jennifer Ramos
ASIA MEDIA WRITES — Does the UN have a future?

Of course it does; in a sense this is a silly and misleading question.

The real question is what quality of future this world organization will have.
The surpassingly competent Ban Ki-moon wraps up his second five-year term at year’s end. The former foreign minister of the Republic of Korea came to the job in 2006 with significant UN experience. That showed: instead of riding off in Don Quixote quests in defiance of the all-powerful Permanent Five (P-5) of the UN Security Council, the quiet but determined Korean picked his spots to be effective, avoiding the brick wall, and getting a great deal done with member states and humanitarian initiatives.

Now, in an essay published on the home page (http://www.worldpolicy.org/blog/2016/04/21/how-troubled-united-nations) of the prestigious World Policy Institute, two Loyola Msrymount University professors raise the issue of who will next fill the position of UN secretary-general – and why.

The essay was co-written by Associate Professor Jennifer Ramos of the LMU Political Science Department, who is also Chair, ISA Committee on the Status of Women (2014-2016); along with Prof. Tom Plate, the founder of Asia Media International and the author of the ‘Giants of Asia’ book CONVERSATIONS WITH BAN KI-MOON. The paired profs point out that perhaps the most interesting development in the UN secretary-general succession struggle is the pleasant plethora of plausible woman candidates for the high position – more than ever in memory.

It may be possible to attribute this important development, in part, to SG Ban himself, who created UN Women, a new agency, and who is known to hope that a woman successor candidate is, for once, given fair and serious consideration by the P-5, where all political power at the UN starts or — as likely — grinds to s halt.

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