KATRINA CROSBY WRITES – Twice a year a  hardworking, accomplished student is recognized as the winner of the Peter Tomassi Award and have their original article published in Columbia University’s prestigious Journal of Politics & Society. This Spring 2017, that student was Loyola Marymount University’s own, Jeremy Selland, LMU ’17.

The Journal of Politics & Society was created by the Helvidius Group, which was founded at Columbia University in 1989. The organization was established by Peter Tomassi, a student at the time, who wanted the club to be a place for undergraduates to discuss public policy and law in a sophisticated manner. When the journal first started, it was published once a year and dispersed within the Ivy leagues and Congress. As of recently, the Journal  has broadened its focus to encompass all of the social sciences, as well as expanding its publication time to a biannual release.

Articles are judged upon peer review and edited by the Editorial Board within the Helvidius Group, making the whole process built with and for undergraduate students. The only exception to this is found in the guest essay where distinguished scholars take the spotlight to share an article that they have written regarding policy or political theory. Some of these past guests have included Kofi Annan, Hillary Clinton, and Anthony Marx to name a few.

With the prestigious history of the Journal, Jeremy Selland will not just join the published few, but he will also receive special recognition for winning the Peter Tomassi award. This award is given to the best paper in each edition and is supplemented with a monetary prize. Through his article on global policy, Selland continues to brilliantly represent Loyola Marymount University, demonstrating anew the importance of educating the whole person.

At LMU, Jeremy has been an intern at our Global Policy Institute and last fall, in London, held down an internship in the House of Commons (as a Hansard Fellow) while taking classes at the London School of Economics.



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