AMANDA SUHARTONO WRITES —  Like most of the developing countries in Asia, Indonesia struggles with maintaining a decent educational system. Even as a contemporary society, Indonesia still cannot properly handle the education situation.

Indonesia’s educational system has been a hot topic among political discourse. The current system is having a direct impact on the professional preparation of potential employees. The quality of the educational services hinders the academic advancement of high-ranking professionals. Such a state will inevitably have a deplorable impact on the country’s future.

The country’s main issues lie in the context of poor theoretical base and lack of qualified teachers. Advancements in internet and internet-based technologies have been used to try and solve this issue.

Since education needs are realized on a self-grounded basis, the majority of children are already interested in self-education. So developing a want for education is not the issue. However, the current educational system lacks the ability to teach complicated analytical and critical thinking skills.

Internet technology is Indonesia’s best chance at improving their system of education. Only a complete reconsideration of traditional means of education may give the growing population the education they desire, while promoting positive outcomes for their future development and formation as high-qualified specialists.

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