ASIA FASHION: Monique Lhuillier

HRIPSIME MARTIROSYAN WRITES – Modesty, grace, subtlety, and flamboyance are hallmarks of Monique Lhuillier’s designs. And it’s paying off: The Asian designer is gaining recognition globally as an important up and coming voice in couture.

Lhuiller has been known to be one of the most “up-beat Asian clothing designers.” Her work has been acknowledged in many cities, particularly Paris where her designs are planned to be shown at the exclusive Paris Fashion Week.

Lhuiller has also worked to broaden her expertise, delving into jewelry and fragrances, which form a growing part of her brand appeal. Luxury and glamor are ingrained in her designs, which represents her sense of style.

Lhuiller has indicated that her spring collection is expected to be lighter, more sassy, and best fit for her adoring fans. Based on praise from social media and fashion bloggers, she has illuminated clear finesse. Lhuiller boasts of famous celebrities as part of her fan base, including Emma Stone, Michelle Obama, and Anna Kendrick. One of her trademark designs is super-feminine wear that is tucked with exotic designs inclusive of laces, chiffons, and ostrich feathers which will be on display during fashion week.

Such has been her mastery in designing wedding apparel that the media has warmed itself towards her and ensured full coverage of her work. This has generated considerable fashion gossip and acclaim on notable publications, such as Vogue and Fashionista. Lhuiller’s flawless dresses were able to induce a certain balance of tradition and spunk. Paris’ fashion community expects her to grace the year with great designs that indicate her ever-evolving appeal.


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