KATRINA CROSBY WRITES – Lap sitting is often not allowed with adults, but two Vietnamese workers were able to get away with it on a Lunar New Year train in Taiwan.

These two men stole the hearts of social media users as one of them willingly gave up his seat so that two children would not have to stand for the duration of the crowded train ride.

The children belong to Taiwanese mother Ruian Wu, who reported that on the Tuesday of Lunar New Year she boarded a train in Taoyuan that was heading to Qidu District in Keelung. Once on the train, she realized that finding seats for her two young ones would become quite the challenge, as every seat had already been taken. When she came across two empty seats, she assumed her children could sit there for the hour-long trip. Turns out the seats that her children occupied were actually reserved for two Vietnamese migrant workers.

When the workers arrived, they did not ask for the children to move. Instead, the workers agreed to give the family one of the two seats. Wu commented that, “As soon as the children stood, they gave up their seat to two children.” Wu was so taken aback by the generosity of the two workers, that she snapped a picture when they were not looking.

The picture has received praise on social media, and shows one of the two Vietnamese men sitting on the other’s lap to allow room for the children next to them. One user said, “They both look at the scenery with two seated views like a picture.” This story soon triggered others to share their own uplifting stories involving the generosity of strangers.

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