FASHION: The Growing Mongolian Fashion Design Industry

BADER BAHMAN WRITES– Curators and designers from across the world came together in London mid- September of this year for the London Design Festival. One of the participating countries was Mongolia. Few would think of this country as a hotspot for fashion design, but its eye-catching exhibition of cashmere-based products has raised curiosity about its emergence on the fashion scene.

Cashmere based designs advertising the Mongolia Presentation at the London Design Biennale

For a long time, Mongolian fashion designers have been heavily influenced by trends in Korea and Japan, but this appears to be changing. As evidence,  during historic celebrations in the country, people now wear costumes representing various historical times so that they can be proud of their nationality.

Mongolia’s rising fashion industry is vital in ensuring that despite globalization, their society does not lose its native culture. To this end, a fashion design institute in the city of Ulaanbaatar, established in 1993, has since played a significant role in promoting local designs. There has also been an increase in shops displaying solely Mongolian designers.

Featured products at the event

These designers’ participation at the London Design Biennale shows how keen they are to export their fashions to countries across the globe. Even the government has played a role in the fashion design industry.  During the September event, the Mongolian Ambassador to Britain, Tulga Narkhuu, attended as a “special guest” to promote the country’s fashion design industry. And Mongolia’s president, Khaltmaagiin Battulga, is known to wear  local designers’ creations during high publicity events.

So far, their promotion campaign seems to be working. In the global market, traditional Mongolian attire sales have increased, and their textiles have gained popularity around the world.

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