Media: The Account set to dethrone the King of Youtube, is someone you have never heard of

CONOR FAIRTLOUGH WRITES — Felix Kjellberg, more commonly known by his youtube name “Pewdiepie,”  has sat atop the most subscribed Youtube Channel since 2013. His is, in fact, the world’s most watched channel. With over 60 billion views, Kjellberg’s channel had, as of February, over 83 million subscribers. However, a new threat to his reign is coming fast.

Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited, more commonly known as T-series, is an Indian music record label and film production company. Founded in 1983, T-series has worked mostly on Bollywood music soundtracks and Indi-pop, eventually owning up to 35% of the Indian music market and becoming the country’s largest music record label.

While T-Series has remained a long-time presence in Indian pop culture, its international claim to fame is through Youtube. It is now the second largest channel in the world, currently only 100,000 subscribers behind Pewdiepie. Many believe that this meteoric rise in popularity is due to increasing internet access in India, including cheap data plans as well as readily available smartphones in recent years.

Right now, India has the second largest online population, with over 500 million internet users. Of those, 225 million are monthly YouTube users, and that number is expected to increase in the coming months. Due to the high demand for videos of high-production value and a lack of content from independent Indian creators, T-series has easily dominated India’s online market.

Not surprisingly, Pewdiepie supporters have created campaigns aimed at keeping the Swedish Youtuber on his throne as well keeping an independent Youtube from domination by large corporations. The result: an online-feud between the two channels.

Pewdiepie has since posted multiple videos making fun of T-series and challenging the company to “fights,” as well as instructing his over 84 million subscribers to “do their part” to keep him as the number one influencer on the platform.

Both sides have made valiant efforts throughout this feud, but some people may have taken this too far. Pewdiepie fans  have actually  hacked into Wall Street Journal computers with the logo, “Subscribe to Pewdiepie.” Still, T-series remains the fastest growing channel and is expected to soon topple Pewdiepie from his Youtube throne of the past six years.  

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