Chong-II Woo – Women of the Joseon Dynasty Nude

Woo, also known for his work as a photographer for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazine, gives his interpretation of Korea’s modern history through this beautiful pigment print on Hanji paper.

Sogen Chiba – Galaxy Filaments // Gallery Kitai – Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Calligrapher Sogen Chiba is widely recognized for his unique skill known as “Spiral Splash,” which requires the artist to swing the stem of a very long and thin brush in order to splash the ink and to draw the spiral from it. Using this technique, Galaxy Filaments is about the cosmic and the spiritual, and all those things behind the human wisdom such as the Big Bang.

Fan Peng – “Realm”

Fan Peng’s series of works is used as an expression against natural chaotic forces and social contexts. Fan Peng’s ritual is to paint Buddha while connecting with their spirituality and consciousness of reality.

Max Ma – The Vale of Years                              

Max Ma – Facets of Complexion

Jaymay Gallery – Hong Kong, China

Chinese artist Max Ma transferred the skills sharpened by his experiences in photography to his oil works, especially regarding lighting treatment, creating depth and perspective effect. His oil paintings reflect the upbringing and personality of the artist – pure, genuine, and simple.

Yang Xiaojian – Treatment Center // Cospace – Shanghai, China

Yang Xiaojian is a contemporary artist and specialist of the hard edge of water and ink. Through his work, he expresses the inner feeling of the individual and their social reality.

Imai Toshimitsu – Musashinozu (Autumn Landscape)         

Imai Toshimitsu – Sakura

Zeal House – Tokyo, Japan

The avant-grade Japanese artist, Imai Toshimitsu, expresses the beauties of nature indicative of his gentle and romantic sensitivity through Ka-Cho-Fu-Getsu (flower, birds, wind, and moon) series.

Yayoi Kusama – Dots/Midsummer

Yayoi Kusama – Hello!

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese contemporary artist, well known for her obsession with dot patterns. She creates paintings that immerse their viewers in her obsessive vision of endless dots in order to share her experience.

Du Kun – Flying Swan Palace // Mizuma Art Gallery – Tokyo, Singapore, NY 

Flying Swan Palace is a unique piece from the “Sights of the Mount Sumeru” series, through which Du Kun portrays his imagination of the modern gods of music.

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