FIONNA ANGELICA WIJAYA WRITES – The ongoing epidemic that is currently spreading across the globe becomes more threatening every single day. The government policy that requires us to be inside the house or apartment has become more challenging for me personally. This is my first time being quarantined during a global epidemic, as it is for everyone; but here is what I have learned.

In the past couple of weeks, I try to do whatever I can do in order to be productive, even from home. At first, I was a little surprised because I had to shift things around. My spring break got canceled and our school switched to all online courses. For the past couple of weeks, there is nothing much I can do except make myself busy in the apartment. I try to distract myself by watching movies, reading books, playing games, observing the news, and also calling my family back home.

My family is back in Indonesia, which is really sad. Besides the fact that I am far from them, the coronavirus situation in Indonesia hasn’t improved. They have been anxious about my condition here in the United States. They call me every single day, which is very understandable because the number of cases occurring in the United States hasn’t gotten better. They, too, must stay at home and keep their distance from others.

Yet hearing that they are fine, I am relieved, and I hope everything will get better both in Indonesia or the United States. My plan, for now, is to stay healthy in all circumstances. I have started to exercise at  home and drink vitamins in order to manage my immune system. Most of all I think my choice, and that of others, manifests as the virtue of altruism. The sacrifices that people have been making can only have a positive impact on others.


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