LIAM ROGERS WRITES — On September 29th, Nikkei Asian Review announced its rebranding to Nikkei Asia. Despite a few changes, the integrity of its journalistic reporting remains intact.

The rebranding, founded upon The Nikkei’s acquisition of the Financial Times (FT) in 2015, will incorporate several aspects of business that were used in the business model of FT. As such, it is expected to lead Nikkei Asia into the 21st century as a fully electronic publication with 24-hour daily reporting, serving as “Asia’s envoy to the world.”

Nikkei Asia, is a Japan based, English-language publication with a focus on Asian politics and business and is a subsidiary of parent company The Nikkei. The Nikkei network of publications has a formidable reputation amongst multinational newspapers, boasting over 144 years of journalistic reporting, 37 international locations and over 1500 journalists (100 of whom work in English language publications). It is easy to understand why the network is one of the Top 10 most influential news agencies in the world, and is a consistent winner of Society of Publications in Asia (SOPA) awards. Most recently, The Nikkei claimed 4 out of 17 SOPA awards for its 2019 publications.

The future looks promising. Nikkei Asia’s public relations team drew in readers by opening up the site on September 30th, its first day of rebranding, and offers a three-month subscription for a whopping $9-78% price reduction.

With the United States entering yet another bleak month of COVID-19, it might benefit all news followers to look towards Asian news outlets, as the continent leads the pack in COVID management and global economics. Appropriately, Nikkei Asia adopted the slogan, “The Voice of the Asian Century.”

While English remains the most prominent language in the world for economics and politics, Nikkei Asia will remain at the top of the charts of important Asian news outlets, and deservedly so. It is a multinational news network that maintains its journalistic freedom by not being associated with any government.

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