SINGAPORE: Forum Held to Promote Usage of Media for Teaching English

Earlier this month the Straits Times, Singapore’s most widely read newspaper, held its third “Sunday Times’ Parents Forum” where speakers encouraged the parental usage of English-language media in the education of their children.  Over 240 parents attended the forum held at the Singapore Press Holdings News Center. The parents heard lectures from “teaching and language experts on the importance of parents as role models in helping their children speak English well.” Bertha Henson, the associate editor of the Straits Times, lectured that newspapers especially are “very accessible [tools] for the teaching of English.” According to the bilingual publication ‘My Paper,’ a free newspaper, the parents were then introduced to weekly English-language magazines whose target audiences were secondary and primary school students. This emphasis on teaching the children of Singapore proper English is one more example of the global focus of education throughout Asia – and on the Singapore government’s consistent prioritization of English as a necessary global language.


For more information, please visit: (Archive: Issue – 08/11/11, page 4)

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