TAIWAN: The Taiwan Critique

Taiwanese journalists are almost up in arms over the increase in corporate involvement in its media system. They argue that corporate monopolization and political appetite are putting at risk the ability of Taiwan’s news media to support democracy via ethical and professional journalism. Because conglomerates maintain possession over most media outlets in Taiwan, their content is often manipulated to satisfy political goals. Furthermore, the journalists say, the National Communications Commission, responsible for regulating the Taiwanese media, is often inactive or ineffective, with little ability to safeguard its role as an independent agency. Many journalists wonder how corporate greed and government apathy can possibly be beneficial for the public. 
But as if some kind of metaphorical phoenix rising from the ashes, an unofficial anti-corporate counter movement may emerge as determined Taiwanese journalists protest the erosion of their media’s independence and proceed to fight it with one of the most powerful weapons known to history: the power of the pen. It will be interesting if their protesting journalism manages to turn the tables on corporate media influence. After all, unlike the mainland political system, Taiwan’s is touted as being a truly open democracy.


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