SOUTH KOREA: Where Men Get Treated Like Dogs?

According to Korea JoongAng Daily, a major English-language Korean daily newspaper, two recent complaints against entertainment outlets regarding demeaning representations of men were dismissed by separate arbiters.  The first complaint was presented to the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KOCSC) against a popular comedy skit on the government-funded, Korean Broadcasting System’s “Gag Concert” show that claims a recent skit presented a biased viewpoint by describing men as the inferior gender.  A comedian on the program jokingly said, “Men should buy foreign products while women should buy domestic ones.”  The KOCSC announced that the show was a “comedy program based on humor and satire, and does not have the intention of promoting prejudice and demeaning a certain gender” before dismissing the claim.  The other complaint was presented to the Seoul Central District Court against the movie, “You’re My Pet.”  The men’s activist group, Male Solidarity, claims that the movie “described men as dogs and mocked the gender.”  The Court dismissed the group’s request to ban the movie.


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  1. You’re right and wrong: there are lots of foreigners who don’t like Korea, but it’s often beascue they’re selfish and believe that Korea should adapt to them, not vice versa.I do enjoy living in Korea, though, and I have more videos on the way. Hope you’ve subscribed to my youtube channel!

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