INDIA: Bollywood Horror-Film Ads Shocks a Catholic Organization

Upcoming Bollywood horror film “Kaun Hai Waha” has been spooked by an unanticipated reproach from the organization Catholic Secular Forum (CSF), which claims the film is filled with anti-Catholic imagery and symbols. The CSF opposes even the  screening of the film and is calling for the annulment of the film’s current adult-only certificate.

The film’s plot focuses on a couple’s futile attempts to get rid of a terrorizing ghost, but the root of the controversy springs from the movie’s pre-release publicity.  Joseph Dias, the general secretary of the CSF, focuses on the on the images of Jesus Christ being stabbed by a man as well as an upside-down cross,  stating that such images mock  “[Catholic] beliefs and their faith.” In the CSF’s eyes, these offensive publicity images provide a distorted view of Catholicism.

While Wasim Sheikh, the film’s producer, has denied having any knowledge of the controversial sentiments towards the film, director Ejaz Ahmed has been quick to counter the criticism. “It is a horror film, which is not intended to hurt any community or belief. The [publicity] poster is a metaphorical depiction of the core idea and we will organize preview for the Catholic community if the need arises.”


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