NORTH KOREA: Communist Country’s Citizens Stranded Across the Middle East

North Korean citizens are stranded in the Middle East, specifically Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Kuwait.  They are being prevented from returning home, for fear that they would spread news of the social unrest in the region throughout North Korea.  Air Koryo, North Korea’s flagship carrier, has suspended flights between Pyongyang and Kuwait City, according to Yonhap News Agency, a leading English-language news service in South Korea. These citizens, among them doctors, nurses, and technicians whose services are in need back home, are working in the Middle East to earn desperately needed money to bring home in view of for the North’s near-moribund economy. And according to the China Post, a leading English-language daily newspaper in Taiwan, North Korea has tightened up regulations more, warning its residents that re-entry would be in jeopardy if they even visited certain Arab countries.


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