KUDOS CORNER: “The Nation’s” Meet the Editors Video Features

We commend the editors of The Nation in Bangkok for their MEET THE EDITORS video feature. It appears from time to time via the home page of the leading English-language newspaper in Thailand. Seeing is believing, and the sight of the paper’s top editors honestly struggling to make sense of their country’s complicated politics is refreshing. So much of journalism’s jaunty self-confidence is sheer bluff. But in discussing, as in a recent video, the country’s charter almost impenetrable reform process, top NATION editors Suthichai Yooon and Tulsathit Taption come across as anything but glib. Bravo! — we say. There can never be enough honesty and candor from our important journalists. And this video feature makes it so accessible and, well, lively.

Watch the Feature here:

The Nation

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