PHILIPPINES: Is Aquino Finally Taking Assassinations Seriously?

Speaking of extremely dubious distinctions … Christopher Guarin, publisher of Tatak News Nationwide and presenter for radio station dxMD, was shot dead earlier this month in General Santos City, making him the first Asian journalist to be killed in 2012.

Guarin was heading home with his family when two men on a motorcycle shot at his car. Injured by the first shot, he attempted to escape his disabled vehicle only to be fired upon again, five times in the body and once in the head. He died upon arriving at the hospital. Guarin’s wife, who was mildly injured, claimed he had received death threats for several days.

According to the newspaper Manila Bulletin, President Aquino is organizing an official task force, including lawyers and private detectives, to track down those culprits responsible for crimes against Philippine journalists that, in this country at least, approach the unofficial status of a distinctly targeted crime wave.

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