CHINA: 28,000 die of HIV/AIDS in China 2011

China’s Ministry of Health, along with United Nation’s Program on HIV and Aids and the World Health Organization, reports a total of 28,000 people died of HIV/AIDS in China in 2011. This not-so-small number of deaths is minuscule compared to the 48,000 people in China who were reported to be newly infected by the virus, according to the China Daily’s English online newspaper.

China Daily, the mainland’s leading English-language newspaper, notes, paradoxically, that the main reason for the rise of AIDS patients is “the government’s increasing efforts in prevention and intervention of the disease.” The government is avidly giving anti-virus treatment to AIDS patients, arriving at a current estimated coverage rate of 73.5 percent. The results, according to the newspaper, are reduced numbers of deaths but an increased number of reported AIDS carriers.

Beijing is urged to keep an even more watchful eye on trends related to HIV/AIDS, which track an increase in sexually transmitted cases. Although these statistics seem alarming, the total infection rate remains at a low level of 0.58 percent.  Whatever, there is no question that the government, whatever its faults, is trying to stay on top of the AIDS case.

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