SOUTH KOREA: Reporters Want the Public to Know the True Story

After months of public criticism and a majority vote, news reporters at Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), one of South Korea’s major broadcasting firms, will suspend their work for MBC in a collective action to urge journalistic reform, according to the Korea Times, a major daily English-language newspaper.
The public has been criticizing “MBC news programs for keeping silent on important or sensitive news stories and releasing biased reports on certain issues” that are threatening the credibility and competitiveness of their programs.
Obviously, many reporters agree. Choi Hyung-moon, the spokesman of the association of reporters at MBC, says the suspension will continue until MBC can come up with “reasonable solutions.” MBC reporters are demanding the resignation of MBC President Kim Jae-chul, asking him to take responsibility for the current dilemma.


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