NORTH KOREA: A Rare View of NK Public Opinion Thanks to Associated Press

The Associated Press (AP) reported from Pyongyang on the recent announcement of the United States and North Korean agreement to freeze North Korea’s nuclear activities in exchange for much needed food aid. Washington sees this as a promising first step towards discussing disarmament; yet, according to the AP, “rare interviews” of North Koreans demonstrate a “deep cynicism” towards the United States’ intentions.
The AP interviewed five residents, among them two soldiers, a Foreign Ministry official, and two women whose occupations were not mentioned. According to a writer for, a blog that shares news about the Korean Peninsula, the AP’s recent reports from Pyongyang pose more questions than it does answers, particularly how the correspondents located this random sample of North Korean residents and how many watchers from the Kim regime may have been present during the interview.  says people should at least be thankful that the AP felt compelled to mention that “North Koreans are subject to daily propaganda” and that “the views of those interviewed often reflected what is said by the government.”

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