CHINA: Not “Lovin’ It”

In another major McDonald story: Chinese media outlets have pounced on a major McDonald’s slip-up.  On March 16, a Chinese television station revealed that a branch of McDonald’s restaurants had been selling expired food products. The nation’s State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) “invited” executives of McDonald’s China to a “discussion” where they were urged to issue an apology to consumers as well as conduct a complete revamp of their food safety measures.

As a testament to the times, the apology was made through the company’s official micro blog, on which McDonald’s promised to “adjust operations, enhance management, and strictly implement food safety standards so as to safeguard consumers’ health rights.” So far, the apology has attracted more than 3,000 comments and has been re-posted nearly 10,000 times. Many bloggers have praised the way McDonald’s handled the crisis via the Internet, which would reach a broad audience. One blogger stated that the “micro blog is indeed the prime choice for a quick response to a crisis.”

For its part, McDonald’s China issued a statement saying that it will continue to work on fixing the issue, and welcomes the input of both consumers as well as the media.


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