PHILIPPINES JOURNALIST DEATH WATCH: The Bloody Assault on Journalists Continues

Fernan Angeles, reporter for the Daily Tribune, was seriously injured after being shot six times on March 11 near his home in Pasig, located in Manila. According to his wife, Gemma Angeles, the reporter was dragged into an alley by three men, beaten, and then shot with a 45-calibre handgun.

The incident occurred nine days after Radio Mindanao Network presenter Fernando Gabio was shot and seriously wounded in Iloilo City.  The Pasig City Police have since arrested one of the suspects, Faisal Sangcopan Rogong, 42. Angeles himself confirmed that Rogong was one of the three men that attacked him. The other two suspects are still at-large.

The government continues to fall short in protecting Filipino journalists from such threats – but, with each failure, you have to wonder whether it really cares.

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