PROGRESS REPORT: “Conversations with Ban Ki-moon”

UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon, his wife Soon-taek, and Tom Plate, author, professor and Asia Media founder

“Conversations with Ban Ki-moon,” the fourth in the ‘Giants of Asia’ series, and the first book on the current UN Secretary General with which he has cooperated, is moving closer to publication, now scheduled for September by Marshall Cavendish International (Singapore, New York, London). Late last month, author Tom Plate visited with the former South Korea foreign minister (on left in picture, with Mrs. Ban and author Plate) to secure the seventh and final two-hour ‘conversation.’ Ban Ki-moon was recently re-appointed to a second term as UNSG, by unanimous recommendation of the UN Security Council, and then by overwhelming voice acclamation by the General Assembly. As Plate, who is the Distinguished Scholar of Asian and Pacific Studies at Loyola Marymount, and founder of ASIA MEDIA, put it: “Keeping Ban as their leader seems to be just about the only thing the UN can agree on these days.” Other ‘Conversations” titles in the controversial series focused on Thailand’s Thaksin, Malaysia’s Mahathir and Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew, the latter volume now well into its 3rd edition.

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