AUSTRALIA: You may not believe how tasteless this story is….!!!

According to reports by the Canberra Times, on-air comments by Radio 2cc’s Jorian Gardner have prompted swift responses by management to contain the embarrassing situation. During a show last week – believe it or not — the on-air host stated jokingly that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy should wear a ‘penis cam’ during cabinet meetings so that he could film up the skirt of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Yes, the radio man actually said that….

Management promptly suspended Gardner’s on-air privileges, for at least a week. Radio 2cc responded that “It’s not a long suspension, but we needed to send the message that this wouldn’t be tolerated.”

Although Gardner is known in his native land to be no stranger to these types of controversies, it can be hard to know where to draw the proverbial line in the sand when it comes to such topics, especially when stupid controversy seems to drive much of the on-air viewership for these shows.  Gardner himself said it was over-reaction: “This is the same type of ban imposed on Kyle Sandilands when he interviewed a 14 year old girl about her sexual experiences – only to find out she had been raped.  I hardly think a bad-taste joke about Julia Gillard and Stephen Conroy is really in the same league.”

Radio 2cc management however, does not appear to agree. And the Prime Minister’s office wisely had no comment.


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