HONG KONG: Who’s Trying to Knock Off the Feisty In-Media?

The offices of Independent media, or In-media news publication were attacked August 7. Witnesses say four Chinese men wearing surgical masks and gloves entered the activist news site’s small facility and used hammers to destroy three computers and one television before fleeing.

An on-going police investigation has yet to turn up the identities of the attackers. In-Media editor Damon Wong Chun-pong likewise said he knew of no one so upset with the publication or its staff to warrant such violence. Though no one was injured in the attack, Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor has officially joined the probe, noting that the incident was a blatant threat to the news organization’s freedom of speech.

In-media is an independent news outfit that prides itself on being an alternative to larger, more mainstream providers. The staff of three, augmented by 10 interns, has gained a reputation for exposing controversial topics.  In-media posted news of the attack on its website and said it will continue to report as normal. The staff, editor Wong said, “would not be scared off”

Go to: http://www.scmp.com/portal/site/SCMP/menuitem.2af62ecb329d3d7733492d9253a0a0a0/?vgnextoid=427a145f4a609310VgnVCM100000360a0a0aRCRD&ss=Hong+Kong&s=News

Also: http://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2012/08/09/hong-kong-media-office-attacked/

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