SOUTH KOREA: Someone Is Actually Honoring Print!

During the late Chosun period (postwar 19th century), newspapers and magazines were fundamental in providing the Korean peninsula with the necessary tools for education and modernization. The influential Seoul-based newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, reports now that six dailies and two magazines are set to be designated cultural properties, according to the Cultural Heritage Administration.

Here is the background: The Hanseong Sunbo was Korea’s first Korean-language paper published on October 31, 1883 that shared world news and introduced the sophisticated governments and cultures of foreign countries. Tongnip Sinmun was Korea’s first privately-managed modern daily founded on April 7, 1896 that used the Korean alphabet instead of Chinese letters. The two magazines “contributed to the independence movement against Japanese colonial rule and modernization thereafter.” We are delighted that these publications that played an integral part in Korea’s modernization are to officially be recognized as historic cultural monuments.

At least someone is taking newspapers seriously!




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