INDIA: A Techno Solution forTouchy India/Pakistan?

The recent blowup of the Innocence of Islam and the detrimental effects that the provocative video (or is it a mere trailer?) is forcing many to question the power of technology. However, a new program in India may redeem hope that technology, the media, and entertainment can also be a proactive force in world politics and relations.

From leading media houses — The Times of India and The Jang Group in Pakistan — arrive a riveting and revolutionizing new campaign with a purpose more altruistic and entertaining than anything else on TV. Held on Colors television channel on the popular music show, Sur Kshetra, the new contest, Aman ki Aasha, literally translates to “Hope for Peace” in English. Sur Kshetra is an attempt to bring about more peaceful and diplomatic relations between the conflicting states of Pakistan and India.

Every Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 pm, Ayesha Takia, the host of Sur Kshetra, will be asking participants to offer up words, expressions, or any sort of slogan that will transcend the boundaries of hostility present between the two counties and help build a stronger relationship amongst the two. As incentive, the participants who offer the best ideas will win the opportunity to win a trip to Dubai for the grand finale of the show.

The show has already established itself as an interactive way for both countries to intermingle in hopes of establishing a friendship. According to The Times of India, “some of the biggest names in Indian and Pakistani music industry will be judging and mentoring 20 contestants from the two countries.”

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