NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong-il Is Set for ‘Resurrection’

Although the late leader, Kim Jong-il, died of a heart attack back in December, he is to rise again from the political grave. Early next year his preserved body will be on public display, joining the late Kim Il-sung in public gaze.

The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reports the “great leader Kim Jong-il will be preserved to look the same as when he was alive, at Kumsusan Memorial Palace.” His corpse was embalmed with the help of a Russian team right after his passing. The team still continues to visit North Korea to finish the embalming, which is about a month-long process.

The public visit to the palace has been prohibited since the country began the preserving process for the body, although the new leader and Kim’s youngest son Kim Jong-un have been reported to have visited there.

For our part, we can hardly wait for next year.
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