MALAYSIA: Romeo & Juliet Gone Very Wrong

Talk about a messy relationship – and she’s got the scars to prove it.

“Ling,” a 16 year old, performed sadomasochism in hopes that she might save her boyfriend’s life. Ling heard from her boyfriend’s uncle, Alex Leung, a supposed royal or “datuk” and a sultan, that by depriving herself of sleep, cutting herself and sending nude pictures of herself to her beloved, she would heal her beloved, who she had only known through phone calls and SMSes.

And just when it looked like it couldn’t get any creepier, whenever Ling was hesitant to obey Leung’s wishes, Leung threatened her and reported that he had spirits watching her every move. After a month passed, Ling told her father what happened and he filed a police report.

Apparently the spirits didn’t see that coming.

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