LOS ANGELES: Asia Society Event

This vital regional citizens’ organization has been in the service of improving understanding of Asia in America for decades. Its events, with venues mainly in downtown Los Angeles, bring major international figures, academic experts and even spectacular artists into the spotlight of the community. ‘The New Asia Media’ is an Asia Society member; you should be too!

On Thursday at 5pm, at the gorgeous Doheny Memorial Library on the Intellectual Commons of the University of Southern California, the Asia Society will present a discussion and book signing with our ‘Asia Media’ founder Tom Plate, who is LMU’s Distinguished Scholar of Asian and Pacific Studies. Placed in evidence will be his new book — the fourth in the bestselling and controversial ‘Giants of Asia’ book series: ‘Conversations with Ban Ki-moon: The View from the Top. What the United Nations Is Really Like.’

The book is described at the Asia Society Southern California site this way: “Only eight people have been privileged to hold the job of Secretary General since the United Nations’ founding in 1945. And only one of them has ever told the inside story of the UN while still holding that special office. That man is Ban Ki-moon, the veteran diplomat and former star foreign minister of South Korea now in his second term as ‘SG.’ Because he understands that the UN is in crisis — and because he fears the reasons for this are not widely understood — he believes it is time to unveil the truth about the organization and explain why its failure would be a catastrophe. The result, via unprecedented conversations with American journalist Tom Plate, is a deeply revealing book about the kinds of issues and challenges whose resolutions (or lack thereof) will in fact determine the future of the world.”

Tickets are $10.  See: http://asiasociety.org/southern-california/events/conversations-ban-ki-moon
Registration is required. Registration deadline is November 12, 2012.
‘Conversations with Ban Ki-Moon’ by Tom Plate.
November 15, 20125:00-7:00 pm
University of Southern California
Doheny Memorial Library
Intellectual Commons

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