HONG KONG: Media Torn On US Election

Hong Kong media’s reaction to the reelection of President Barack Obama has proved to be diverse, to say the least.

Just compare the Hong Kong edition of the New York Times Rendezvous Blog to the China Daily’s Hong Kong Opinion section! The two sources seem to differ significantly. While the New York Times chose to release a collection of positive congratulations from a variety of Asia’s major players, the China Daily’s spin on the subject justifies Obama’s victory by explaining how Governor Mitt Romney was doomed from the start.

The New York Times supplied congratulatory remarks to President Obama from all sorts, including Malaysian Prime Minister and many Hong Kong locals. Even some anti-Romney sentiment was evident, as prominent Australian journalist Daniel Flitton was quoted to say, “Had Mitt Romney won the day, it would have made for an ugly time with our big alliance partner”. According to Flitton, Hong Kong appeared to support Obama.

China Daily, however, tells a different story.

Instead of showing support for President Obama, the China Daily’s Hong Kong Opinion page reveals the possible devastating effects of his reelection.  Expressing disapproval, the source claims, “For all of Obama’s mediocrity, his politicking, his inability to get things done and his skill at fiddling while the deficit burns, he was able to win and win quite handsomely”.  Although the article acknowledges Obama’s international support, it believes that “for the world, an Obama victory was probably the right result – but for America it could be a debt disaster”.

Once again, the media here seems to be torn between supporting new liberal ways and a traditionally conservative path.

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