CHINA: A New Fashion Model In Town

Heels, lace, and mini-skirts! These are some of our favorite things. By “our,” I mean the possessive term for females.

China’s new clothing line, Yuekou,  is marketing these pieces to young Chinese fashionistas in a brand new way that is shocking to their audience, as well as the rest of the Chinese world. Yuekou’s new model is a 72-year old man who has boosted the store’s sales 5 times.

Liu Xianpingi is the 72-year old grandfather of one of the co-owners. The thin, elderly, but quite sassy gentleman poses in women’s clothing. His style, in contrast to the stereotypes of his age and gender, is feminine and chic. Normally, one does not suspect an outfit for 17-year-old high school students to be worn by a 72-year old. Despite the strangeness, people love it. Chinese Netizens have reacted to this novelty with overwhelming support. They describe grandpa Liu to be “cool, open-minded, fun, extremely stylish and had the perfect camera face.” If you look at the pictures yourself, it is hard to disagree.

But beyond the jaw dropping fashion, this phenomenon demonstrates a significant change within China’s social fiber. It is a sign that the folks in China are becoming more accepting, diverse, and open minded. China may be a country with a strong base in traditional gender roles, but today’s progress is an example that this base could be crushed with grandpa Liu’s sass.

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