PHILIPPINES: A Revered Lady Journalist Dies

After a six-month battle with cancer the renowned Filipino journalist Zenaida Silva has died. Silva was instrumental in covering the famous “people power” revolt, as well as many other important political events in the Philippines.

Journalism is in the family for Silva – she and her late husband, newspaper writer and TV journalist Manuel Silva, set up and ran the Philippine bureau of London-based Visnews for over two decades, until 1992 when the international news outfit was acquired by Reuters and eventually became Reuters Television.

Her daughter, Celine Rosario, heads The Associated Press’ video arm in Asia. Celine’s husband, Francisco, is The Associated Press video’s production manager for the region.

Silva made her mark in 1983 when she was one of the few journalists who covered the assassination of the anti-Marcos opposition leader Benigno Aquino Jr. while he was in military custody at Manila’s international airport. Aquino’s murder rallied the fragmented opposition and sparked massive protests. The extreme political chaos finally culminated in the 1986 “people power” revolt that ousted Marcos and gave Aquino’s wife, Corazon, the presidency.

The uprising became a forerunner for change in authoritarian regimes worldwide. The Philippines current president, Benigno Aquino III, is a son of the Aquinos.

After her time at Visnews’ operations in Manila, Silva became a freelance producer and contributor for ABC Australia and U.S.-based NBC News. When her husband died in 2003, Silva took over his reporting work for popular local radio station DZMM, which is run by leading Philippine network ABS-CBN, covering the Philippine air force and Manila’s international airports.

Silva’s survivors include her five children and five grandchildren. Asia Media commends this inspiring journalist and wishes the best to her family during this time.

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  1. Remarkable, brave and a true Filipina. I accidentally discovered this web site while searching for something else.I had never previously heard of Zenaida Silva. I hope you have found a special place somewhere in the cosmos or beyond for all fallen heroes – the true heroes. I noticed no comments had been posted. I thought her passing needed at least one. .


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