CHINA: A Glorious Print Revolution

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) publicity chief recently accentuated efforts to improve the media’s reporting style during an inspection tour of the Party’s flagship newspaper.

Liu Qibao visited the headquarters of the official newspaper of the CCP Central Committee, The People’s Daily, and remarked that media organizations should start to transform their writing and reporting styles in an attempt to enhance the “communication level, credibility, and influence” of the articles they decide to publish.

Liu stated that the newspaper should attempt to win over more readers by carrying opinion articles that aim to confront citizens’ worries.Writers will also be advised to write stories and articles that are unique and easier to read. Liu also stopped at the newspaper’s website, op-ed desk, night shift platform, and office associated with their microblog.

As one of the leading newspapers in China, let us hope that The People’s Daily will lead the renovation of Chinese media outlets and improve reporting nation wide.

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