INDONESIA: Indonesians Take A Stand

Selina Swatek writes – In a storyline that is all too reminiscent of last year’s US elections, a candidate for the Indonesian Supreme Court, Daming Sanusi, has fueled media outrage after making an offensive comment regarding rape.

During a parliamentary commission hearing to determine if he was a fit for the top court, Daming was asked whether the death penalty should be applied in rape cases. He reportedly responded, “Consideration needs to be taken thoroughly for the imposition of death penalty for a rapist because in a rape case both the rapist and the victim enjoy it.”

His suggestion that victims of sexual violence enjoy being violated quickly spread on social media, prompting calls that his candidature for the Supreme Court be shot down. As feelings of disgust and anger grew among Indonesian citizens, Daming issued an apology, stating that his words were “out of control.” He also said that he was nervous in front of the lawmakers and made the comment as a joke.

Despite his contrition, it is unlikely that he will be selected as a Supreme Court justice. The chairman of the parliamentary commission, Gede Pasek Suardika, said that the public outcry against him would be taken into consideration when making their decision.

Thumbs up to Indonesians for taking a stand to keep this politician out of their Supreme Court. It is unlikely that he will still think of rape as a laughing matter.

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