TAIWAN: Barbie Gets Sweeter

Elementary school teacher. Nurse. Lifeguard. Since her 1959 introduction, Barbie has served many roles. The Barbie that was both a bakery chef and a regular chef, has come to life in Taiwan.

Barbie’s Cafe in Taiwan caused a media frenzy last week when it opened in Taipei. Media sources from the L.A. Times, Fox News, and Huffington Post have all covered this story.

From the front of the store to the very back, Barbie’s Cafe sports the color pink with chairs, tutus and hot pink sofas. What can one possibly eat at this restaurant? Macaroons in martini glasses, crust less tea sandwiches are just a few of what’s on the menu.

Themed restaurants are exceedingly popular in Taiwan, being home to toilet-themed restaurant, as well as many Hello Kitty restaurants.

Mattel’s senior manager in Greater China, Iggy Yip, explains the decision in choosing Taiwan for the cafe’s opening. Yip stated, “we picked Taiwan because theme restaurants are very popular and successful here. We are very confident that the Barbie Cafe can promote our brand image.”

Barbie opening a cafe is a tad bit ironic, as Barbie has been scrutinized for promoting an unhealthy body image with her stick figure body. One can only imagine how small their portions will be.


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