Pakistan: No room for argument in “The News”

Recently the Pakistan Army condemned what they called the “inhuman and brutal killing” of a soldier by Indian troops near the “Line of Control” in the Kashmir border.

According to the Pakistani military, the soldier inadvertently crossed the LoC, and was killed after being questioned by Indian soldiers. As unfortunate as the death of the Pakistani soldier is, the way the incident was handled by “The News”, in contrast to the “DAWN”, does nothing but further strain the already tense relationship between Pakistan and India.

The “DAWN” article, while sympathetic to the death of the Pakistani soldier, outlines the arguments of both parties in a 525 word article, including statements from both Pakistani and Indian spokesperson.

However, India did not receive the same benefit in “The News” article covering the incident. A whopping 88 word article was published with every single word condemning the Indian soldiers involved, offering no statement by the Indian military to counter-balance the statement included from a Pakistan spokesperson.

While Pakistan’s outrage at the death of one of their soldiers is understandable, the media should be more responsible in the manner in which it presents this emotionally charged event. Biased reporting could fuel anti-India sentiment in Pakistan, exacerbating the already existing tension between the two nations.

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