SINGAPORE: Oral Sex Trial Blows Over!

What the region’s overheated news media has termed “the most high profile graft trial in decades” is finally over… maybe.

Last week, Ng Boon Gay, former Central Narcotics Bureau Director, was acquitted of all four charges of corruption. He was accused of obtaining oral sex from Cecilia Sue, sales manager at two IT vendors, in exchange for furthering her business interests.

In a trial lasting over four months, Mr. Ng revealed that he received oral sex from Ms. Sue on an estimated 20 to 30 occasions. Still, District Judge Siva Shanmugam determined that evidence depicted a consensual relationship between the two and ruled that corruption was not a factor as there were no monetary gains on behalf of Ms. Sue as a result of their sexual encounters.

The decision is somewhat surprising for a country that touts a strict reputation of anti-corruption. Anything suspect is typically considered guilty. The Ministry of Home Affairs remains less forgiving as Mr. Ng is still suspended from his position, at least until the prosecution determines whether or not to appeal the ruling within the two week period following the decision.

Alas, it seems that the best gifts do not come in big or small packages, but in innocent verdicts. Ms. Yap Yen Yen, Ng’s wife, quietly, but happily, nodded when asked if her husband’s acquittal was the best Valentine’s Day present she had ever received.

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