TAIWAN: We’re Protecting Our Cyber Security

In light of news that the Chinese military has been engaged in cyber-espionage attacks around the world, the publication Taiwan News asked both the Executive Yuan and the Taiwanese National Security Council what’s been done to ensure the country’s cyber safety.

The National Security Council has yet to provide a response, but the Executive Yuan said the Taiwan government “has done many activities to prevent the leak of national classified information, the cyber crime, and the dissemination of indecent ideas.” Among those activities, presumably, was the creation in 2001 of the National Information and Communication Security Taskforce (NICST) and the Information and Communication Security Technology Center (ICST). A decade later in 2012, the Office of Information and Communication Security was created to facilitate and enforce the task force and center.

Taiwan’s government also highlights its “defensive side of cyber attacks, actively defending national information and communication facilities.” This is partly due to the historical tensions between China and Taiwan, as well as their political and economic ties. Given the love-hate nature of the relationship, cyber issues are not always cut and dry. Regardless, Taiwan must remain on the defense against the cyber attacks directed by Beijing.

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