NORTH KOREA: Ball Is In China’s Court

RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – It will take a lot more than a friendship with Dennis Rodman to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. After a short period of reduced tension between North Korea and the international community, things are now back to the way they were. North Korea’s nuclear program and Kim Jong Un’s belligerent rhetoric have once again reared their ugly heads.

North Korea recently ceased all communication with U.S. forces stationed in South Korea, while continuing to use their nuclear program to coerce the international community into compliance with their demands. These drastic actions were most likely triggered by recent U.S.-South Korean military exercises in the area combined with the sanctions North Korea faces. South Korea is not taking any chances, and their armed forces have made it known that they may preemptively strike North Korean military leaders if they feel threatened.

The sanctions against North Korea are part of an effort to keep track of everything North Korea buys and sells. There is much speculation about whether China will support these new sanctions or not. This is because the sanctions could lead to less trade between the two countries. However, the Chinese government claims it will support the new sanctions, so time will tell if China follows through with its claim and do its part in the international community’s efforts to deal with the perceived threat of North Korea.

At this point, any number of things could happen, but it seems fairly certain that things will remain tense for a while.

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