VIETNAM: Beijing Ultra-Nationalist Acts Like a Bow-Wow

Maritime disputes are heating up between China, Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam, all because of a sign.

In February, an international outrage surged when a Beijing restaurant manager refused to apologize after removing a racist sign that excludes citizens of states in maritime disputes with China, and dogs. The sign read: “This shop does not receive the Japanese and the Philippines, the Vietnamese and dog(s)” in Chinese and English. The manager is reported to not regret his actions and is proud of them even after removing his sign.

Outrage resulted in the Vietnamese community, skewing the reporting on news venues. The issue was reported on Than Nien News with emphasis on the manager’s indifferent attitude and the response from shocked and disgusted netizens. They also focused on a comment that blamed the Chinese government, where racism breeds ignorance among the people.

Other views on the issue expand on the importance of social networks. The Huffington Post revealed that photos of the sign were posted on Facebook and many Vietnamese netizens expressed anger and feelings of discrimination. Some even expressed the idea that the issue is teaching hate to youth and expresses the brainwashing of the Chinese government.

Sparks are flying as the social networks and news venues of each side are clashing. Discrimination has always been an integrated part of the world’s society, but clearly this event is proof that name calling still hurts.

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