TOM PLATE WRITES — The term ‘noir’ is rather difficult define but instantaneously recognizable.  In the American literary tradition, many of our greatest writers have been associated with the tradition of ‘noir’ (French for ‘black film’). They would include Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, James M. Cain, Ross Macdonald and Elmore Leonard (… arguably). Famous Hollywood ‘noir’ movies would include the Maltese Falcon, Hollywood Confidential, Double Indemnity, Chinatown and so on. That literary and artistic tradition also thrives in Asia – and particularly, perhaps, in Bangkok, a city which in some ways almost defines the term ‘noir.’ And so it is no surprise that once a year the sprawling metropolis’ writers congregate like secular cardinals at the low altar of this devilish but enticing aesthetic for what is quaintly hailed as Bangkok Fiction Night of Noir. Artists intending to attend on Wednesday 17 April include novelist Christopher G. Moore and painter Chris Coles, two fan favorites. The venue is at Checkinn 99 Bangkok Original Cabaret Bar (see poster above) opposite the Landmark Hotel.

This all happens at night, of course.


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