BANGLADESH: Blasphemy No Longer Allowed

KIARA BRAMASCO WRITES – Rest easy, readers. The Bangladeshi government has been busy clearing the cyberworld of blasphemous content.

The Daily Star reports a group of “Muslim Clerics” submitted a list of bloggers they believe are responsible for alleged insults to Islam made online. The list was handed to a new government committee responsible for ID’ing bloggers and online activists that write blasphemous content. Since then, several bloggers have been targeted and their writings removed.

“It’s a serious attack on freedom of speech,” said Asif Mohiuddin, after 120 of his blog posts were removed from The Bangladeshi government has also banned other blogs and about a dozen websites that are believed to contain material that insult Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.

This kind of censoring is very controversial, and it will be interesting to see how Bangladesh defends its position to the rest of the world.

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