MALAYSIA: Excuse Me, That’s Our Island!

MARLENA NIP WRITES – Filipinos are fed up with their Malaysian neighbors, and claim that a large portion of the country rightfully belongs to the Philippines.

Sabah, the northernmost state of Malaysia, has historically been part of the Philippines. The waters first became murky between the two countries when Malaysia claimed Sabah as its own after its independence from Britain. Before independence, Britain had been “leasing” Sabah from the Philippines.

Located only a few miles from the Philippines, Sabah is an easy target. And after witnessing many harsh attacks to the villages, the Malaysian government has decided to take action in protecting the innocent lives that have been pushed between government confrontations. The attacks on these villages were a wake up call to the Malaysian government that this is not just an angry phase for the Filipino government, and that citizen safety is the first concern. The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, has begun to relocate citizens who live in the northeastern coast of Sabah.

Filipino newspapers are not taking this matter lightly and many articles are encouraging Filipino citizens to not even refer to Sabah as a Malaysian state.

The next order of business for Malaysia is how they will plan on dealing with the 800,000 Filipinos that live in Sabah. Where does their allegiance lie? Could this stir up cause the Malaysian government to mirror the internment camps forced upon the Japanese in World War II?

Only time will reveal the results of this controversial land dispute.


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