CHINA: The Creation of an Internet Security Powerhouse

LEXIE TUCKER WRITES- Cyber security has always been a hot concern with Americans, but what we fail to realize is that it is also a global problem. According to the director of the security research team at a web security company Beijing Rising Information Technology Co Ltd , Liu Siyu, at least 60 percent of the attacks targeting China’s government, scientific research institutions, and large companies come from overseas. As one of the world’s largest victims of cyber-attacks, China has experienced numerous instances of hacking. Recently, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying stated that China hopes to cooperate with the United States on drastically improving cyber security.


After media reports that the US government is contemplating a more aggressive approach in confronting China over cyber security issues, Hua commented that “we hope the international community will make joint efforts to safeguard peace, security, openness and cooperation regarding cyberspace in the spirit of equality and mutual respect”. She also said that she believes the Internet should be a new space where both the US and China collaborate as opposed to being in conflict with each other.


Earlier in April, the two countries decided to set up a group when US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Beijing. Intended to increase discourse and improve teamwork between the countries, a new China-US cyber security working group has now been established.

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