SINGAPORE: Supervisor’s Temper Tantrum Goes Viral

STEPHANIE GARCIA WRITES – Temper tantrums are only socially acceptable during childhood. After that, they tend to draw police involvement and viral disapproval.

A YouTube video posted May 17 of a supervisor physically abusing an intern sparked a media frenzy over the weekend, ultimately compelling the 29-year-old victim to come forward and report the harassment to the police.

In the video, the offender, reported by the Shin Min Daily News to be a man named Alan, slaps the intern once in the face before being stopped by another man in the office. It then skips to another clip in which the violator strikes his subordinate three more times.

The video was surreptitiously filmed and uploaded by another employee who goes by the username “Shane M.” While he has removed the original post, the video has been reposted on other YouTube accounts.

As a result of the social media frenzy, the victim’s parents learned of the incident through their nephew, who showed them the clip. They’ve since confronted the supervisor and informed him that their son will no longer be working there. Shin Min reported that Alan apologized to them for his “fits of anger.” The victim told Shin Min that this was the first time an incident like this has occurred at the office, but “Shame M.” insisted that this behavior is actually pretty common.

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