SOUTH KOREA: Looking Past the Gossip


RYAN LIPPERT WRITES – Stories about celebrity love lives are often more speculation than fact. But in South Korea, this may be changing thanks to Dispatch, a web site that’s made its name telling the truth.

Though just two years old, Dispatch has already gained a reputation for both breaking celebrity romance news, and debunking claims made by the competition. Its success, staffers say, comes from thorough research before going to print.

“This is the result of our unwavering passion and tenacity,” team leader Lim Geun-hoh told The Korea Times. “We do everything we can for thorough fact-checking before publication.”

Wrote Park Si-soo at The Korea Times: “Dispatch’s stories are extensive, based on data collected through intense information-gathering for days or even weeks, and they always appear with high-resolution photos that provide titillating evidence.”

It’s an exciting development for South Korean journalism. Dispatch gives the country a reliable alternative to the gossip often found on other entertainment focused sites. And in a broader sense, it may be an example of new efforts by South Korean media to be more credible  — a not-so-subtle contrast to its Northern neighbor.

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